Midlife Crisis: An Opportunity For Positive Change

The challenges you face today may be large. They may be small compared to what others are facing. They may be financial or career related. They may be about health or relationships. No matter what category they may fall under, you quite simply are in a chaotic, uneasy state of mind.

Midlife Crisis
Midlife Crisis

You are 30 something, 40 something, 50 something or older and you’re in the midst of a malaise, a sense of discontent or what some might call a midlife crisis. Currently, it may feel like a time of despair and hopelessness- emotionally painful with no solution in sight. Or it may feel like a depression, a deep psychological rut with no rope to pull yourself up to the light of day.

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone. I may have identified your personal crisis, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to accomplish such a feat. Here’s where it takes more than being any kind of a scientist. What I am going to suggest to you requires more than knowledge or anything beyond traditional education can offer you. For your consideration, I am going to propose to you that your current midlife crisis may very well be a blessing.

I believe that much, if not all of our own personal discord, is a prompting, a nudge so to speak from our unconditioned, all-loving Self saying to us: ‘Hey, this is not who you intended yourself to be in this lifetime. I’m giving you a kick where it may seem to hurt a bit or a great deal. Oh, and by the way, I will continue to put you into situations and relationships you label ‘bad’ until you awaken to the magnificence you intended to be and express in this lifetime.’

In this way, a midlife crisis is an opportunity. It is a spiritual text message to you that changes are required in your life. The result, by creating these changes, will be both beneficial and positive; not only for you, but for all people who you personally and professionally interact with. To begin the process of change, you must first become aware that change is real and possible, and inevitable, like death and taxes.

I ask you this ‘Why do you do what you do?’ Mull it over for a while, and when you discover an answer, think about how you would apply it to any or all aspects of your life. In doing so, you can reveal your intention in any given moment. Responding to this question gives you valuable information as to whether or not you are living your life fully and authentically. You are also revealing the payoff of your actions, behaviors and the situations that you willingly participate in. If the payoff is a sense of emptiness or icy hopelessness, it is a signal for change. If the payoff is loneliness, depression, anger, resentment, rage or any other negative emotion, consider yourself aware and blessed that there is a part of you that loves you so much that it is making an effort to show you your so-called midlife crisis is quite simply an awakening. At this point, all that is required of you is to declare your power, stand up and say, ‘I am ready to take full responsibility for my life! I don’t know how I am going to do it; however, I’m willing to allow it to happen.’

This is how growth and transformations begins- one step at a time, one day at a time.

Midlife can be a glorious time. It is a time to admit that we really haven’t grownup and aren’t as mature as we thought. It is a time for incredible positive change for ourselves and the people around us. By our 30s and 40s we’ve all ‘been around the block’ several times. The problem is that so many of us refuse to consider taking an alternate path.

As you consider an alternate path, try to remember that in the end you will not be remembered for the size of your bank accounts, the car you drove or how many degrees you received from an accredited university. What will be remembered is the love you offered others, the kindness you spread and the smile that you shared.  Your loved ones and friends will essentially recall why you came here in the first place:  to be the powerful source that you inherently are.  The source of this power is love and the way it is made manifest is by each of us being a conduit of service to our fellow man.

So if your current circumstances have got you down and out, ask yourself this question, ‘Am I willing to pick myself up, dust myself off and consider the possibility that Life is calling me?’  Congratulations if the answer is ‘Yes!’ You’re considering the possibilities – welcome to midlife!

Written by Jon Satin, Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Business Consultant with Possibility Coaches.
Jon Satin MBA along with his business partner Chris Pattay BBA are Life Coaches, Relationship Coaches and Business Consultants, Workshop Facilitators, Authors, and Entrepreneurs.  Since founding Possibility Coaches in 2002, they have been actively exploring the human experience and condition, and empowering individuals and business owners worldwide to live a life of meaning, passion and purpose. To learn more about them, their complimentary 30 minute coaching session and their venues: The Synergetic Success Class and the Relationship and Communication Seminar, contact them at 215-794-0135 / 888-372-2473 or www.PossibilityCoaches.com / www.TheTeamForSuccess.com

midlife crisis

midlife crisis

midlife crisis

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