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how to overcome fear
How To Overcome Fear

As Life Coaches and Relationship Coaches, we have assisted hundreds of individuals over the years by showing them how to overcome fear.  They comprise of both sexes, all age groups, various demographics and different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Initially, when each of them began coaching sessions with us, we found they all had something beyond the obvious in common- one aspect of their life experience that caused each of them to create some sort of self-imposed prison.  That aspect of his or her life was fear.  Specifically, it was the fear of life itself.

Fear of life can be and usually is crippling to the person who experiences it.  The fear of life takes on various manifestations.  This is why it is of utmost importance that you learn how to overcome fear. One prevailing form of the fear of life is when we ‘play small.’  That’s the ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘smart enough’, ‘good-looking enough’, etc. versions.  These fears are steeped in beliefs of unworthiness, lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

Ironically, death and the fear of it receives more coverage than living life ever gets.  The easiest way to resolve our fear of death is to simply accept it as a normal process of who we are as living, breathing organisms.  We have no real control over our inevitable transitions; however, we can prolong, to some degree, our bodily, human experiences.  One specific way to do that is to embrace life rather than running from it. Learning how to overcome fear of death is liberating.

To embrace life is to love life.  Loving life is the opposite of fearing it. When we love life we experience magnificence.  Magnificence in and of itself is simply the expression, the result, the out flowing of the love for life.  We cannot experience this greatness and grandeur when we ‘play small’ in the game of life.

To move from ‘fearing life’ to ‘loving life’ we must first examine what the fear itself really is. Typically, we have found that almost all our fears are simply illusions.  They are stories we have scripted and choreographed so brilliantly about ourselves and our world that we tailspin to the point where we are actually living in a hallucination- a state of mind on shaky ground that is based on events that rarely, if ever come to pass.

It is every human beings right merely by his or her own existence to embrace and love life and not to fear it.  Fear is our greatest limitation.  Fear also resides in the mind which itself limits us.  Embracing and loving life is an act of our spirit, which is limitless.  We fear life because we have been conditioned to fear it.  Our thoughts, beliefs and habits are handed down to each of us from our parents and the generations that preceded them.  It is exactly within this conditioned process that exists the key to moving away from a fear-based life to moving toward a love-based life.

The solution to change resides in all of us. It begins with the catalyst for all transformation, and that’s awareness.  Once you are aware that you are fearful and that this fear has had a powerful, strangling hold on you which prevents you from being all that you are intended to be, you are beginning a journey of rediscovery and rebirth.

The journey continues when you also begin to question every thought and belief you have about yourself and your world.  We never have our clients look for answers.  That’s what got them into fear-based troubles in the first place.  We always have them ask questions, because the person who asks the most questions always wins at the game of life.  We know, this is not what we were all taught.  The truth is; however, that asking questions is an indicator to the Universe that you are inquisitive, receptive and an open vessel to accept positive change in and for your life.

Removing fear from your life is about taking risks which are really opportunities to grow and expand.  When we come to the stunning realization that most of the 60 thousand thoughts we have each and every day are not serving us for our and the world’s highest good, we begin to see that playing small and fearing life are simply rules we have imposed on ourselves that are ready to be broken. The fear of life can be- and pardon the pun- ‘a death sentence.’  We all have the ability to walk out of our self-imposed prisons.

Hey, the keys were in your pocket all the time! It’s time to live life now by removing fear from your life!

how to overcome fear

how to overcome fear

how to overcome fear

7 thoughts on “Removing Fear From Your Life | how to overcome fear”

  1. Wonderful information! I know too well that crippling fear of moving forward. You are absolutely right about all the illusions we create for ourselves. It’s time that all of us break free of these illusions so we can help ourselves and serve the world. Thank you for being a catalyst for this change.

    The ‘asking questions’ is wonderful! You are both tapping into something wonderful!

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