Living Life from the Inside-Out | how to be happy in life

how to be happy in life
how to be happy in life

Is it time that you learned how to be happy in life? Would you like to be happy, joyous and peaceful most of the time? It is possible when you learn the formula for living life from the inside-out.

If happiness, joy and peace are not present in your, life do not despair.  You can learn how to be happy in life. Positive change is possible if you are willing to be the person necessary to create it.  We know you are asking, ‘How do I change?’  The answer is by becoming aware of the person you want to be, and working with the ‘inside-out’ formula, you can literally transform yourself from within.

There is, however one step you must take before proceeding with the ‘living life from the inside-out’ formula.  That step is to understand the formula you are currently using to live your life.  This is will put you on the right track and help you understand how to be happy in life. If you find yourself generally unhappy, anxious, stressed, depressed and trying to function in a seemingly chaotic world, then you are living your life from the ‘outside-in.’  To assist you to understand how the two formulas for living life operate, lets briefly look at each of them.

Most of the world lives from the ‘outside-in’ and here’s why: at a very young age our elders teach us to identify with the physical and material world.  By age two, we have already formulated a tight bond with ‘things.’  By the time we learn to speak we are very proficient with the word ‘my.’  ‘My toys.’  ‘My room.’  ‘My ice cream cone.’ My, my, my! Living your life from the outside-in is will not put you n the path of understanding how to be happy in life.

As children, we quickly come to realize that in order to have anything, we had to perform a certain way to get it.  Things or possessions are not only material and physical items.  There was very little emphasis place on how to be happy in life. They are non-physical like academic grades, sports trophies, medals, titles, prestige, reputations and love.  Like our physical possessions, we are given a similar formula for achieving status, popularity and fame.

From childhood, we believe, based on what we see and what we are told, that having things is the prerequisite for being somebody.  This, friends, is living life from the ‘outside-in.’  This is living life backwards.  We call this the ‘living life backwards formula’ or the ‘HAVE-DO-BE’ approach to life.

It is the foundation most of us have been taught to build our lives upon and it sounds something like this:  ‘When I have the perfect career and make oodles of money, I will be able to buy whatever I want, go wherever I want, whenever I want, and even have whoever I want! Then, everyone will notice me and I’ll be somebody!’  If you are approaching life this way, it is likely you are rowing against the current and you may even have one oar.

Do you strive to HAVE knowledge, possessions and money so you may be able to DO those things that are important to you so you will BE somebody and ultimately feel good about yourself?  Living life this way can and will cause disharmony and disease in your physical body and jeopardize your emotional well-being.  Ultimately, you will spend your whole life trying to gather evidence that will support who you think and say you are.  You allow the ‘outside’ world to control and create your ‘inside’ world.  The end result is one of dissatisfaction, lack of fulfillment and unhappiness because you will always find evidence to convince yourself that you have not achieved enough and are not good enough to be who you want to be.

We tend to forget that we are human ‘beings’ and not human ‘doings.’  As human beings, our natural, inborn intention is to live life from the inside-out formula.  We call this the BE-DO-HAVE approach to life.

Consider living your life by this new approach. To start using this approach you will want to affirm who you want to be.  Remember, this is not about ‘things’ like possessions, titles and reputations.  Perhaps you will affirm to be happier, be more loving, be more compassionate,  be more committed, be more understanding, be more tolerant, be more patient, be more truthful.  Do you get the picture?

To ‘be’, without ‘doing’ or ‘having’, requires a willingness to change and is an act of courage on your part.  You are proclaiming who you are ‘inside’ without seeking any evidence ‘outside’ of yourself to support or validate it.  It is an unconditional state of being.

So, let us ask you:  can you be happier just for the sake of being happier?  Can you be more loving just for the sake of giving love? Can you be more committed to yourself, your relationships, your job, so you know no matter what, you are giving your all?

When you decide and declare who you want to ‘be’, doors will open and opportunity will knock on a regular basis. This requires trust and patience. Living life from the ‘inside-out’ (BEING) will guide you to take inspired action (DOING) to become the person you affirm yourself to be.  As a result, you will possess those qualities and things (HAVING) that truly give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Now that you know about the ‘BE-DO-HAVE’ approach to living life from the inside-out, you can begin to take the steps to become empowered because of who you are and not because of what you do or don’t do and have or don’t have.

It’s never too late to stop living life backwards.  Start today by being the change you want to see!  So ask yourself, who am I becoming?

how to be happy in life

how to be happy in life

how to be happy in life

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  1. That is the main question everyone must ask themselves who am i becoming? How i can get happiness in life ? The answer is in us and we try to find out the answer for this everywhere. We can forget the past and start living life on our own with never to die approach to get happiness.

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