Five Key Business Solutions to be a Successful Entrepreneur

business solutions
Creating success starts with the right business solutions

The Internet has made it easier to find answers to questions and business solutions but that doesn’t necessarily mean the information is right. As Business Coaches, we have assisted many entrepreneurs over the years and have found that the challenges they face are surprisingly similar.

We are conditioned to believe that success in any business is dependent upon certain variables: supply and demand for the product or service, the product or service quality, timing, and the marketing and packaging of the product or service.

We have found, however, that none of these factors determines the success of a business like the Business Owner Factor. The Business Owner Factor is about how the owner sees himself or herself as a person and as a business owner. It also takes into account how the owner feels about his or her business and his or her relationship with his or her business. If the business owner has challenges in any or all of these areas, then the chances of business success are diminished greatly.

The fact is that no matter what the market may currently bear or what so-called economic indicators are telling us; if you’re an entrepreneur and you are internally challenged, neither the best of times nor the worst of times is relevant to your business success.

If you are a business owner and are currently facing challenges with yourself, your business or both, the good news is we have some simple solutions you can apply immediately to improve your self-confidence, self-image and your business bottom line!

Here are the five key and most common challenges we hear as Business Coaches. For each challenge we provide business solutions. If you are currently facing challenges from within, adopt and apply these remedies to move you and your business forward.

Challenge #1: “My dominant thoughts and beliefs about me and/or my business may be preventing me from creating the success I desire!”

  • Solution: From this point forward begin to question every belief you have about yourself. Ask “Is it true about me?” and “If it is true, is it true 100% of the time?” Now, replace the self-limiting belief with an opposite and positive belief.

Challenge #2: “I have difficulty seeing myself as a business person or as a successful business owner.”

  • Solution: Visualize yourself as a prosperous, successful entrepreneur. See it and feel it first! We call this ‘acting as if…’ This is a dress rehearsal for the real deal.

Challenge #3: “I have trouble being open to financial success.”

  • Solution: In spite of what you may have been taught as a child or what you may currently believe, it is neither noble nor dignified to struggle. Like everyone, you were put on this earth to thrive and flourish. Affirm these words: ” I deserve to thrive and flourish! People need what I have to offer to improve the quality of their life. I am open to being well compensated now!”

Challenge #4: “I have difficulty focusing on producing the results I want for my business. I need some sort of guide to keep me accountable throughout the day.”

  • Solution: Each morning, write down your daily intention on an index card or paper . On the flip side of the index card or paper list five corresponding action steps required to achieve the results you want by days’ end. We call this your ‘Intention Card.’ Carry it with you. As you go through your day and distractions come up, run it by your Intention Card. If it isn’t in alignment with your actions steps and the result you want, let it go!

Challenge #5: “I have difficulty keeping to a schedule and I get easily distracted.”

  • Solution: Know your DMO (Daily Method of Operation)! Have a planner either on your PC, Laptop, Blackberry, iPhone or simply use an old-fashioned appointment book. Set up your business hours and appointments. Emotionally commit to your business and stick to it!

When you begin to master these solutions you will raise the bar on the success quotient for your business and for you as an entrepreneur.

By focusing on creating solutions for the challenges you face internally, you will begin to see positive external results for your business. You will be re-organizing the infrastructure that is You, Inc. People will want to buy your product or service. Why? Because of you! Yes, you may have a fantastic product or service; however, people really buy ‘people’.

Successful entrepreneurship is about relationships and the energy emitted by both seller and buyer. It’s a ‘vibe’ thing.

Follow these five key business solutions and you will begin to eliminate the majority of your entrepreneurial woes. You will develop ‘the vibe” required to create the successful business results you want to achieve and beyond.

business solutions

business solutions

business solutions

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