Trusting Life Again!

You may have heard the phrase ‘trust the process of life.’ To trust Life requires most of us to re-think, review and respond differently to life‘s situations, experiences and events in a very different way than we are accustomed to. This new approach may appear and feel radical or even contrary to the ways we typically handle the day to day activities of being human.

Trust Life
Trusting Life Again
The challenge most people face is they are taught and conditioned to react to life rather than ‘going with the flow.’ We react mostly out of fear, based on survival strategies wired into our minds.

From an internal mindset of fear, we experience life situations that confirm the belief that we should not trust most people and most circumstances. When we do not trust, we also eliminate taking risks.

Trusting life requires risk. Without some degree of risk, we miss out on life’s ultimate meaning which is to feel joy and exhilaration.

Our life takes on a dimension of different results and experiences when we become aware that we possess the power to change our life through the willingness to trust again.

Unfortunately, the fear of trust, which is rooted in the desire to survive, extends beyond our basic instincts and invades our minds. We then, at a very early age, begin to view each moment with a tactical survival approach. The most menial experiences and events are viewed as ‘life-threatening.’ With this belief, we learn not to trust Life. Under the umbrella of ‘Life’ falls the day to day activities that move us forward through what is intended to be a glorious journey for each of us.

It is that glorious journey, that we, by virtue of our existence, are entitled to experience. In order to experience this glorious journey it is necessary for us to be willing to take certain steps.

These steps are:

1. begin to let go of a fearful, mistrusting realm of perception.

2. being more open to rethinking and reviewing how the lack of trust blocks you from enjoying life.

3. be willing to release negative emotions that create mistrust.

4. learning how to respond and move with the flow of Life rather that reacting and being at the mercy of every life situation.

This is ultimately about changing your perspective. It has been said often that ‘when you change the way you look at things (life), the things (your life) you look at change.’

To radically change the results you are getting in your life (relationships, career, health), you will want to take a different approach.

This approach is not only about mindset. It goes beyond mindset, requiring us to change at the level of emotions and feelings. To trust the process of life, we each must disengage ourselves from the dominant fearful emotions and feelings we experience daily. This is about taking our power back from the fear-based feelings that have enslaved us for far too long.

We take our power back through a process called ‘shedding the light on the darkness.’ The light represents our new perspective. The darkness is our conditioning from the past which we presently repeat, resulting in a future that looks very much like our life today.

The darkness also includes our fears and our reactivity to it. The light is love, which is a much healthier response to life and all that it presents to us daily.

When we come from light and love, and begin to awaken to the realization that ‘yes, I have the power to trust the process of life,’ our life begins to dramatically improve.

One way to immediately create positive changes in your life is to become aware that you not only are not your thoughts; you are also not the emotions and feelings attached to these thoughts. This one realization, in and of itself, can be life changing.

By affirming your willingness to begin again and trust the process of life, miracles will happen on your behalf. It has been said that ‘miracles can move mountains.’ We’d like to add that ‘you don’t need to move mountains to experience miracles!’

To enhance the positive changes you desire for your life, we would like to give to you a gift: we call it your own personal My Declaration of Trust.’ If you like, print it, read it daily and experience a shift in your life that gets you back on what we call ‘life’s glorious journey.’

It’s never too late to begin to trust or to begin to trust again. Yesterday is history. What’s done is done! Read the Declaration of Trust, or if you like, create your own and witness the miracles one by one, day by day!

We can assist you to trust life again. Learn how here!

trust life

trust life

8 thoughts on “Trusting Life Again!”

  1. Today I am having difficulty with trust and today I prayed and gave thanks.
    I prayed to G-d,spirit guides my deceased grandfather,father and brother any and all energy I thought of to watch over and protect my children. Today I’m frightened of criminals with guns and random violence they perpetrate on innocent victims. This shift in the world is good and terribly bad. It hit home and touched my family. It’s no longer just something I read about or hear people speaking about. Why was my daughter robbed at gunpoint? Why were two women killed two weeks ago in separate incidences for a purse? I don’t believe it was their time to die. I’m frightened yet I know I cannot live in fear. At this moment it’s hard to make sense of it. It’s a legitimate fear that all parents have. How do we deal with this inhumanity to man?

    1. Hi Sara and thank you for sharing your fears. During times such as these we can certainly feel extremely helpless and fragile. At the same time, however, it is during these dark situations that we can stick by our decision to not jump on the negative, fear-based bandwagon perpetuated by others. Yes, man’s inhumanity to man is a fact of life on our planet and has been since man believed he was separate from other men. The good news is that most of the world is at peace and most people do not act in a violent nature. It is this that we want to focus on and it is taking responsibility for our own inner well-being and emotional goodness that we want to be the guiding powers in our lives. Yes, bad things happen to good people; however it does not make them bad or deserving of such inhumane treatment. Life happens and life can be unpredictable and even appear unreasonable. It is our capacity to rise above these events that provides us with the strength to move forward and come from a place of peace and love in our hearts. We are sure that you are grateful that your daughter is alive and well. Make that your focus. If you are open to it, pray for her attackers and that they awaken to seeing their lives differently. No one is too far gone or bad that they cannot change. Have faith in goodness and goodness will prevail. Peace! Jon & Chris

  2. “that you not only are not your thoughts; you are also not the emotions and feelings attached to these thoughts” – great thought. Very true – thought and instinct are 2 different things. I’ve learned to truly trust my instincts, which have done well for me in life. I have also learned to over ride some of my thoughts, which are capable of holding me back or scaring me into not doing something I should. Fear of change is my biggest fear – and that leads me to be stuck in situations in life I don’t want to be stuck in. This thought is a tough one to overcome!

    1. Ah yes Trish. When you finally get it, that you are not your thoughts, it is very liberating. One of the greatest fears people have is the fear of change. To put yourself at ease, know that every second you are changing. Change is the only thing guaranteed in life. You are constantly shedding old cells for new ones. We heard that every few years, you have a totally new body. So the old has to change to create room for the new. It’s like the spring flowers have to let go and change to allow the fruit and berries to appear.

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