The Last Word on Responsibility in Life and Relationships

life and relationships
Life and Relationships

In life and relationships, the world is full of extreme examples and different viewpoints on the subject of responsibility. We all know someone who is considered to be on the side of ‘irresponsible.’  We also know people who feel responsible for everyone and everything.  They are the ones who appear to be carrying the world on their shoulders.

Who and what we are each responsible for appears to be a ‘gray’ area for most people.  Typically, the state of our emotions dictates who and what we believe and feel responsible for.

As Life and Relationship Coaches, Chris and I break responsibility down to its’ most common denominator.  This is the last word you will ever need when it comes to how you view the idea of responsibility in your life.

The level of responsibility present in your life and relationships, and how you respond, is directly related to the presence, power and role guilt plays in your life.  If feeling guilty is a big player in your life, then responsibility is more than likely wearing you down.  On the other hand, if you tend to lean toward irresponsibility, you more than likely blame everyone else and circumstances for your problems and shortcomings.

Yes, responsibility looms large on a daily basis:  at home, at the workplace and in business.  Because it does play a major role in all life and relationships, it is important that you define its parameters where you are concerned.

There are 2 questions that will arise at potentially any given time, depending on the circumstances and your state of mind.  We call these 2 questions the ‘Double Whammy’ questions.  They are a double-whammy that can potentially cause you to emotionally derail if you have unresolved issues regarding responsibility.

These 2 questions are: ‘What am I responsible for right now?’ and ‘Who am I responsible to and/or for right now?’

So, here are the last words for you regarding what you are, always have been and always will be responsible for:  your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words and deeds.  In addition, you are responsible for how you see yourself and the world.  Conversely, here is what you are never responsible for:  the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, words and deeds of other people and how others see themselves, you and the world.

And now, the last words for you regarding who you are, always have been and always will be responsible for:  you, yourself and any person or group of people you have an agreement with, either verbal or written.  In addition, you are responsible for your children (under the age of 18) and your pets or any animals that depend on you for food, water and shelter.

Looking at responsibility this way simplifies it for you.  You can begin to end the process of bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Or, you can begin to take back your life and relationships by being willing to take responsibility for you.  When you take responsibility for you, and others begin to do the same, you become an example of and for positive change in the world.  You become master of your destiny and who you are becoming.  You are now the CEO of You, Inc.  And that’s the last word on responsibility, in your life and relationships!

life and relationships

life and relationships

life and relationships

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