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Love as a Business Solution

Is it possible that the power of love can be a business solution? We believe it can.

Most business solutions are geared to increasing the bottom line: more profits that create supposedly bigger and better outcomes.

Love as a Business Solution

If you are an entrepreneur or would like to be in the near future, it is important to understand why people buy.

Most customers, clients, or consumers purchase products or services on an emotional level.

Purchasers expect something in return. Yes, they are buying goods and services; however, underneath it all, they are emotionally buying YOU! They are buying your energy. They are unconsciously buying a feeling that they get when they interact with you or your product or service.

Yes, we are all in business to create financial security. Money is the energy used by most people on our planet as a means of exchange for goods and services; however, if money is your ‘why’ for being in business, then we suggest you re-think your position.

Most people believe that to be successful in business requires us to make it happen. To do this means we must buy into a belief system that says success requires long hours, hard work, staying ahead of the competition and doing whatever it takes to increase the bottom line.

The truth is that motivation for profit alone is a major contributing factor to Entrepreneurial Burnout, anxiety and failure.

The truly successful business owners and entrepreneurs are those individuals who have a variety of common traits and characteristics. These traits and characteristics typically carry a high quality energy that says ‘love is my business solution.’ Some prime contemporary examples of this love energy are Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Oprah Winfrey and the late Steve Jobs of Apple.

Here is a short list of some of the traits and characteristics that ultimately created great success for each of these individuals. Realize that they each used love, consciously or unconsciously, as their business solution.

1. Make ‘being of service’ to others the first priority.
If you are focused on ‘making money’ and ‘my reputation’ then your business and entrepreneurial experience is going to be stress-filled and problematic at best. True, you may get high marks at first; yet in the long-term you will find yourself running out of both financial and emotional steam.

By giving with a loving heart; be it yourself, your product or your service, you are establishing yourself and your business as someone who wants to be happy and fulfilled and share those feelings with others.

To genuinely be of service requires us to genuinely love people. Not in the romantic sense; more in the spiritual, humanistic way that embodies the idea of ‘loving thy neighbor as thyself.’

To reframe this concept from a business perspective, it’s about putting people first ahead of profits. People intuitively pick up when someone makes it all about the money. Businesses motivated only by money have a higher chance of failure. Greed, along with a lack of ethics and integrity, don’t sit well with most of society. Today’s pharmaceutical industry exemplifies such a state of consciousness.

Love, as a business solution, requires each of us to put people first by being of service to others, rather than focusing on what’s in it for me.

2. Doing what you love and loving what you do.
Richard Branson has said that if he isn’t having fun he stops whatever it is he is doing. When we do what we love and love what we do, the money always follows. We have found both personally and through coaching countless others, how true this statement really is. Being passionate about what you do is a key solution to business success.

Florence Scovel Schinn
Florence Scovel Schinn

If you don’t love what you are doing, ask yourself why? Are you living your dream or someone else’s? Are you in business or a particular career to please another person or get their approval?

When we are not doing what we love and loving what we do, we are in some way denying our authentic self. When we deny who we are, and this includes are true passions, we cut off the life flow that permits us to create magnificently on the physical plane.

When you infuse love into your business or career, people feel that energy. Love, like its’ opposite, fear, is infectious. Remember, people buy people. If love isn’t your guiding power then you will not experience a life well-lived. Your business, like your life, will also fall short of its true potential if love isn’t its’ one and only business solution.

3. Leading by example.
Leading by example is contrary to what most people see as strong leadership qualities. Most people confuse leadership with managing. Whether they’re business owners, business management or high profile public figures, chances are they are not exemplifying true leadership. More likely, they are running a baby-sitting service.

True leadership is about leading by example. People will do what you do, not what you say to them. It is about being an open book that allows people to discover your inner contents. This requires you to have courage and vulnerability, which are aspects of love. It is not about power struggles and always being right. It is about being honest, caring and willing to surround yourself with people who perform in the same high quality, high energy manner.

Leading by example is also about putting people first. It is about taking the focus off yourself and letting people know how much you care about them. It’s using love as a business solution because there is an understanding of the power of vision.

“When multiple individuals lead by example and have the same vision, business growth naturally occurs at a rate that far exceeds expectations.”

Leading by example doesn’t mean you neglect yourself either. Be willing to focus on self-care both physically and emotionally. Remember, you can’t be sick enough or poor enough to assist the less fortunate. Enhance what is going on within you and be open to helping others do the same.

4. Expressing a real sense of gratitude and appreciation toward people.
When others feel genuinely appreciated they want to be around their source of appreciation. Genuine appreciation for others, be it clients, customers, employees, and even so-called competitors, sends a clear message that you are using love as your business solution.

Here are some tips to get you started to employ love as your business solution:

=> Take your focus off of the bottom line and money. Money isn’t your problem. However, your relationship with money may be unhealthy and standing in your way of creating a real business solution.

=> Ask yourself if your business or career is in alignment with your values and true passions. If what you are currently doing is not in alignment with who you truly are, then perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your life’s journey and make some changes. It is never too late to change course.

=> Seek guidance and advice from someone you admire and respect. If you are struggling financially, physically or emotionally, do not seek help from your broke brother-in-law. Collaborate with someone who you feel has attained a high level of mastery when it comes to life, career and/or business.

Pick their brains. If they employ love as their life and business solution, then they will be more than happy to share their wisdom with you.

Be open to realizing that your business success is directly affected by the energy you give it.

Whether you accept it as truth or not, love is the greatest power there is anywhere. It is the energy behind all creation. Your business is your creation! Consider infusing it with love as your one and only business solution.

As The Possibility Coaches™, Jon Satin, MBA and Chris Pattay, BBA mentor and consult with Solo-Preneurs, Entrepreneurs, Executives and Upper Management. They provide a unique and even radical approach to business success. If you are seeking a non-conventional, out-of-the-box approach to running your business or company, contact them for business coaching, consulting, mentoring or keynote speaking. To learn more about their approach and to contact them for a consultation, visit: https://www.possibilitycoaches.com/business-coaching.html

love as a business solution

love as a business solution

Deciding What’s Really Important in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

As an American, I am blessed to live in a region of the country that is both visually and culturally rich.  As a small town, Doylestown is nestled between Philadelphia and New York. Like many of its’ inhabitants, I am an urban transplant, moving here from New York 20 years ago.

Living a successful and prosperous life in Doylestown, PA

Times have changed much in Doylestown and the surrounding area since 1990. Like most American towns, it has been impacted by changes and shifts in societal and cultural values, as well as economic upswings and recessionary downturns.

Like other American towns, Doylestown’s inhabitants reflect the times we live in.  In times of economic downturns many of them are distressed, anxious, worried and worst of all: living in fear.

One of the main elements I teach as a life coach and business coach, especially when clients live their life from a fearful perspective,  is to look at what appear to be obstacles as opportunities for positive growth and transformation.

Life, be it on Main Street in Doylestown or 5th Avenue in New York, isn’t always easy. It’s rules however, are intended to be simple. It is you and I who tend to make it complicated.  Life is simplified and made easy when you and I get out of our own way!

Most of my local coaching clients live and work in the vicinity of Doylestown. Some have careers employed by small, local companies. Others are small (and in some cases medium-sized and large) business owners.  No matter who they are, single, married, divorced, what their educational or religious background is, they all seem to be at a point in their life that represents a transition.

This transition that many of my clients are experiencing places them in a precarious position.  It literally feels like being on the open waters of the ocean without a life preserver.  It’s either sink or swim or the sharks are gonna get ya!

When obstacles appear in your life and you give your personal power over to them, you will sink.  Treat them as opportunities, and you’ve begun to swim.  When I collaborate with clients, I am throwing them an emotional life preserver.

So, what are some of the obstacles my clients who live in the beautiful hamlet of Doylestown facing today? Well, for one thing, uncertainty about their futures. The future of their finances, their relationships and their physical and emotional well-being.

It is no longer about achieving the ‘American Dream.’  It’s no longer about what you have to have and what and who is missing from your life.  It’s not about beating yourself up because of so-called failures and shortcomings.  It’s no longer about convincing yourself that ‘I should be further along at this stage of my life,’ and ‘I have to be somebody!’

It is about having peace of mind and cultivating stronger bonds with other human beings!  It’s about feeling good about who you are! It’s about co-operating with rather than competing against others personally and in business!  It’s about wanting to jump out of bed in the morning and making a real difference!

You see, everyone who hires me or Chris as a life coach does so for one reason, and one reason only:  they want to re-connect with themselves; the person that somehow got lost in the shuffle while traveling on the highway of life and forgot that life was meant to be easy.

When times seem tough, as they appear for far too many here in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the solution always lies in our own personal strengths as individuals.  Together, through collaboration, we can turn the depths of despair into mountains of hope and optimism and some damn good results!

However, no matter what your current circumstances are, it has to start with you! And why is that? Because the only aspect of your life that you can truly control is you. And we control ourselves and the results we achieve, by the choices we make.

Chris and I always remind our clients how powerful they really are when it comes to creating positive change and transformation in and for their lives.

Life can be easy. Life can be hard. You can be down and out or up and in the game. I have experienced both scenarios countless times throughout my life. I now choose easy. I now choose up and in the game of life.

Yes, times may be tough.  However, you do not have to choose to buy in to that notion.  I know a great many people in these ‘tough times’ who refuse to buy in to pessimism and hang with the ‘down and out’ crowd.

As a fellow human being and as someone who genuinely cares, I appeal to the you who knows there is hope for a positive shift in your life and your life situation.

Over the years, Chris and I have witnessed miracles, both personally and with clients.  No obstacle will be given to you or I that either one of us cannot handle.  All it really requires is preparation.  And how do you prepare? For my life coaching clients, be they in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Eau Claire, Wisconsin or Oxfordshire, England, the response is always the same:  to be truly prepared means you consciously choose to see everyone and everything that appears in your life as a blessing. Know that a blessing is an opportunity to share your strengths with others so that they too can be uplifted and then pass their strengths on to others, and so on and so on.  Regardless, it has to start with you through preparation and the courage to take action.

Decide today, no matter what your circumstances, no matter where you live in the world, no matter what your personal history is about, to make a personal commitment that from this moment forward, you are preparing for a new way of living your life.  You are choosing what’s really important for you.

Keep me posted! I love to hear about miracles!