Money is Emotional

Money Is Emotional

As Life Coaches, Chris and I have found that the most challenging relationship people encounter is not with their spouse, partner, parents or children, but with money. Money is emotional. It is the number one topic of arguments, disagreements and differences in relationships.  It is the number one contributor to breakups, breakdowns and meltdowns. The subject of money brings up emotions of fear, anxiety, stress and worry. The truth is, money is neutral. It is nothing more than paper and coins. It is the value that we place on it that brings up emotions. Our emotional distress about money is how we give our power away.  Money is not a cause of happiness, it is a result of our state of consciousness. Our consciousness either attracts money to us or it pushes it away from us.

As I stated in a previous blog post,  prosperity consciousness isn’t only about money; however, money, the having it or not having it, is a result of your conscious and unconscious beliefs about it. Your emotional reactivity toward or response to the subject of money is very telling where your consciousness and more likely, your unconsciousness lies.

There is actually a  line of communication that occurs between you and money. It is a running commentary likely comprised of habitual thoughts and beliefs.  This dialogue you have with money will determine how much you attract or don’t attract. If you are uncomfortable asking for what you want (which includes the wanting of money), have a challenge with receiving or do not feel deserving, you will have challenges attracting money, prosperity and abundance. Your thoughts, feelings and words determine what you attract.  If you have  any guilt emotions associated with your experiences with money you will also find it challenging to attract it to you. To create change, you must let go and change how you perceive money. In other words, you will want to develop a strong positive relationship with money: a new alliance that can and will change the course of your life turning obstacles into opportunities.

When bills are staring you in the face and money is scarce, it is important to have vision. It’s important to see beyond your problems.  No matter what you do in exchange for money, it is important to have a huge ‘why’ that is grounded in being of service to others. Your  ‘why’ is what drives you. It is the energy behind the actions you take. It is why you do what it is you do. Know that this ‘why’ is bigger than any of  your problems. Stay focused on taking inspired action and don’t give energy to what you can’t control. This is not always easy! The real value, which is priceless,  is in the person you become through this process.

It’s also important to start to let go of control.  Letting go of control is not anything you do or don’t do. It is an emotional release. Being in control means that you hold on emotionally – to control the outcome that you are emotionally addicted to. To transform, you become aware of your emotions so you know why you are doing what you are doing in any moment. Letting go of control is about changing your relationship with past emotional pain. Become aware of any pain you may have associated with money.

Money is an extremely emotional subject.  Emotions are energy in motion and money is a form of energy used as an exchange for products or services. You can use money to purchase the energy (both mental and physical) of others as well as the products derived from the energy of others. You will earn  more money by learning how to focus and deliver your own energy and its products to others in ways that are of service to them.

You will create financial prosperity if you understand that money is emotional. The world at-large tends to over-analyze financial problems. Most people procrastinate and hesitate until the perfect solution or situation comes along. Be open to being more decisive. Prosperity Consciousness includes trusting that all is well and will be well tomorrow. Prosperity Consciousness also includes the success habit of being certain and decisive. Making a decision will always create a result. If you don’t like the result, make a different decision! Your current income, business profits and  net worth are the result of all the decisions you made in the past. The money that flows to you tomorrow is determined by the relationship you have with it today!

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